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Picking the right bike for your kid

There is no kid who would say they don’t love a bike, only unless they had a few bad experiences falling down and such. A bike forms a major part of a kid’s childhood as it is the moment they feel they have been given wings to fly.

Getting the first bike for your child can be a little challenging today as there are a lot of options in the market, and you need to consider many factors before buying the right kid’s bike.

The most common factors that push people to decide which bike is right is if they can sit comfortably on the bike, the balls of both the feet can rest flat on the ground, the access to the handlebars, the resting of feet position when you start pedaling, etc. Other factors are obviously the look, the color, the accessories that you get, and definitely price.

Choosing a bike for your kid might not seem challenging at first, but apart from picking a bike that seems durable, you need to remember that a bike for your kid is a new experience and they have a lot of emotions tangled up. You need to ensure that your kid’s expectations, fears, anxieties, confidence, etc, are balanced, and they find the bike easy to use rather than a fearful transportation problem. Here are some crucial points that you have to keep in mind while choosing a bike for your kid:

  • Make sure you factor in the age and height of your child when picking a kid’s bike for them, this is important because the child should feel comfortable with the bike and at the same time the bike picked should be one that fits their age and growth factors as well.
  • Buy a kid’s bike that boosts the confidence of your child and does not turn out to be a hurdle for them.
  • A bad bike can break their confidence and they may give up riding altogether.
  • Get the assistance of the bike shop professionals to pick a bike that is the right fit for your kid.
  • Don’t forget to factor in the bike weight because a heavy bike will be hard to ride.
  • Buy a bike that can withstand rough use because the first bike is one that the kid will rely on to learn their interests.


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