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Elliptical machine parts you should know

An elliptical machine/trainer is crafted and designed with the focus of helping people work out easily without having a harsh impact on joints. This article lists out some of the key parts about this machine, typically the four main elements that every trainer of an elliptical machine should know.

Elliptical trainer drive system is the flywheel.

It runs when the user applies pressure to the pedals, and it also manages the resistance levels. It is this flywheel that enables the hand grips and pedals to function. The flywheel weight depends on how smooth the elliptical trainer channelizes it. So, the flywheel is one important aspect the user should know. A heavier flywheel to some extent defines the life span of the elliptical machine. Usually, it weighs about 13 to 35 pounds (variable) depending on each brand. The flywheel can be at the front and back both – if it’s on the front, it’s known as the drive trainer and if it’s at the back, its known has the rear trainer. The latest machines have the flywheel at the center, and it is called has the center drive trainer.

Like any product, all these variations have their pros and cons. They are commonly used at home which is quite compact and not expensive ellipticals are front drive device. However, the personal preferences are the best fit.

The main electronic system is primarily the power adjustable feature and the warranty play with the system. Many brands offer two to three years labor warranty, but when checked precisely they may or not eliminate the electronic system of the machine. The quality of the comfort is equally important; the current program has goal tracking systems and heart rate monitoring.

Rollers, sound squeaks could be a common aspect of ellipticals. Do not worry, as it could be from the rails or the wheels. The simple fix for this could be with rail lubricant. The deck that holds the rollers carries an equal importance in bestowing quality comfort. According to the user, a trainer could adjust the stride to make the pedal system comfortable.

The foot pedals play a significant role, as they give a smooth workout experience. The few important things to note with the foot pedals are:

  • The cushioning of the foot pedal, while some come out with tread (this helps to place the foot firmly).
  • The foot pedals with incline slightly inward relieve pressure on the knees.
  • The pivoting pattern allows more movement for the ankles. The next factor is the pedal size (entirely depends on the user’s preference).
  • Lastly, certain elite models of ellipticals provide the other advantage of adjustable foot pedals.


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