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A Brief Overview On The Emergence And Importance Of Paper Towels

A brief overview on the emergence and importance of paper towels

Paper towels have grown on to become a big part of our life. Whether you are at a restaurant, in the office, driving in your vehicle, or sipping on coffee at a cafe, you use them everywhere. Even when at home, paper towels have become a need and imagining a day without these can simply be hard.

Paper towels bring with them convenience, and this why, it is being popularly used around the world. Disposable in nature, you can use these anywhere and at any time. Unlike cloth towels, paper towels do not bring with them the risk of spreading germs. Thus, there is no question of these spreading an illness in the society. Although, these towels come with its perks, they do have an impact on the environment.

Here are few factors that will help you understand paper towels and how they are made.

What are paper towels made of?

  • Paper towels are made from fibers or cellulose fibers. These are the same kind of fibers that make up plants and other substances such as wood.
  • Paper pulp may be extracted from wood or fibrous crops.
  • These fibers are mixed with a combination of resin. This resin is responsible for making paper towels strong when they are wet. So if you ever wondered the reason behind paper towels not tearing easily, resin is the substance.

When did the first paper towel emerge?

  • The first paper towel was introduced by Arthur Scott.
  • This was undertaken after the spread of germs in a classroom was traced to be the use of the same cloth towel.
  • The Scott Paper Company then introduced Sani-towels. This was the first paper towel to emerge in the country.

Which are the most popular paper towel brands?

  • Sparkle
  • Kleenex
  • Bounty
  • Viva

How do paper towels absorb water?

  • Paper towels have pores that are present in the fiber. This makes for efficient absorption of water and other kinds of liquids. The pores between the fibers determine absorbency, this is why it cannot hold more liquid than in its pores.

What are the types of paper towels that are available in the market?

  • Paper towels are normally available in two types: folded and rolled.
  • Folded paper towels are ones that have a multifold. Since these are easier to pull-out and use, they are more widely sold and opted for by consumers.
  • Moreover, rolled paper towels must be used with a dispenser and are dispensed one at a time.
  • White paper towels are different from brown colored paper towels only in a way because they are bleached. Brown paper towels are unbleached or may be semi-bleached.

How can you reduce the impression of paper towels on the environment?

  • It is a known fact, paper towels do have an effect on the environment. It is, however, manufactured from raw materials that are becoming scarce with each passing day.
  • If you are concerned about the ill-effects and wish to go green, the best way to do is use paper towels to the minimum. Avoid using these in times when not required.
  • You can use paper towels that are made from recycled paper pulp. These paper towels effectively cut on the amount of electricity consumed in the process of manufacturing. Also, they help in reducing the number of trees that are cut every year.

Paper towels are a great invention and reduce the spread in germs and other diseases. Moreover, unlike cloth towels, paper towels do not require water for washing and can be safely disposed off. Thus, the answer lies in using paper towels responsibly and whenever necessary.


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