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4 types of coupon codes that can save you big bucks

There is no denying the fact that coupon codes are one of the best ways to derive a greater shopping experience. Coupon codes let you enjoy great savings on the purchase of products and services. These are typically issued by retailers and manufacturers who wish to promote their offerings.
While one can save big bucks through coupon codes, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the different types of coupon codes.

A key factor to understand is that there are varied kinds of discounts and deals that can be availed through coupon code offers. Using the right coupon code in the right place and time can be rewarding in more ways than one.

Here are four common types of coupon codes that you must know about:

Discount coupon codes
Discount coupons bring about a price slash in the total cost of the item. The coupon is straightforward, and you can get a percent or cost off on the purchase of a given product. However, these coupon codes typically have a restriction, i.e., they can be redeemed only upon meeting the minimum purchase limit.

BOGO coupon codes
The BOGO coupon codes stand for “buy one get one free” and are widely used by retailers and marketers. These coupon codes are great as they let you get two at the price of one. Thus, you can make big savings with the BOGO coupon codes. However, one must ensure that the offer with this coupon code does not drive them to make purchase products and/or services that they would otherwise not want.

Free shipping coupon codes
The free shipping coupon codes are extremely beneficial for shopping online. One must always look for this coupon code type as it saves you the extra bucks that you must shell out for shipping. In some cases, however, there may be a purchase limit to be met to avail of this coupon discount.

Rebate coupons codes
As the name suggests, rebate coupon codes require one to send in the coupon code and the receipt post-purchase before getting a rebate. The savings can be big with this coupon type, especially, when purchasing big consumer items like electronics.

The above-listed types of coupon codes can be extremely beneficial and bring great value for money. However, you must ensure that the coupon codes do not entice you into purchasing more than what you need.


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